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Providence College 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Providence College 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations 

The Requirements: 1 essay of 250-500 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Community, Oddball

The Committee on Admission will discover much about you through the Common Application, but we are always interested in learning more! While optional, the following essay prompts are used to help us understand your personal background, fit to our campus community, and interest in Providence College. Please choose one of the following topics and answer the prompt in 250 – 500 words.


Providence College values each student’s willingness to embrace and learn from different viewpoints. What experiences or perspectives do you believe individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to a community or organization? And how will your unique background positively impact others at Providence College?

This question is twofold: First, admissions wants you to explain—in your own words—how diversity affects a group. Speaking generally, what are the benefits of having varied perspectives and experiences within a community? Second, Admissions wants to know how you will specifically contribute to the diversity of perspectives at Providence College. What has shaped you as a person and how has that made your perspective unique? Is there anything you can teach your classmates or peers about your hometown, culture, religion, or identity that they might not already know? Maybe you spent 11th grade caring for your mom during her breast cancer treatments and you’ll use that same empathy and patience to help your hallmates adjust to college life. Perhaps spending summers with your grandparents in Nigeria has given you a strong affinity for international students, and you look forward to joining the International Student Welcome Program to make them feel at home. Providence College wants to know how your personal perspectives, beliefs, and/or lived experiences will impact others on campus, so tell them a story that helps them to imagine the kind of student you’ll be.

Providence College is a place for those who are motivated and purposeful. How do you exemplify those attributes and in what ways do you feel Providence College will help you reach your goals?

This question is great for students who are ambitious and know what they want to do after college. Start by discussing what motivates you and what your purpose is. What drives you? Are you highly competitive? Do you live for creativity? Are you motivated by an innate sense of justice? What subject, major, or industry excites you, and how will you pursue that? How do you hope to impact the world when you graduate? Then really dig into your school research and use evidence to show how Providence College will empower you to reach your goals. Maybe you’re eager to join the strong business program, especially the Friar Leadership and Immersion Program. Perhaps you’re drawn to the school’s religious foundation and can’t wait to explore psychology through a lens of faith. Be sure to name specific courses, programs, clubs, and/or service opportunities that you think will prepare you well to achieve your goals. The more details you can share, the stronger your essay will be!

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