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Undergraduate Testimonials

Read reviews from past undergraduate clients to learn what it's like to work with College Essay Advisors!

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Undergraduate One-On-One Advising

"[My child] just received acceptance to Brown’s PLME program! We are so happy! Thank you, thank you. This is such a great gift for [my child]. We couldn’t have done it without you!"

– CEA Parent, Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, Class of 2031

"Good news! [My daughter] was accepted to all of her early schools! She received a personal note from the admissions director on the acceptance latter saying how much she enjoyed reading about [my daughter’s] experience at summer camp (which is the essay that your team revised), so again, thank you!"

– CEA Parent, Colorado College, Class of 2027

"My son’s Advisor has been AMAZing!! She was really able to understand him, keep him on task and help him to organize his thoughts in a logical manner. His essays cleaned up so nicely. And I think he learned so much in the process too!"

– CEA Parent, Harvard University, Class of 2027

"We are so happy we signed up for your comprehensive package. You removed so much stress from the process, and we knew [our child] was in good hands working with [their Advisor]. Who knew applying to ten universities would be so intensive? Thanks again for your assistance."

– CEA Parent, Columbia University, Class of 2026

“The results were very positive. Some schools explicitly expressed that they were impressed with the essays. So, the essays certainly helped him. Thank you so much for your service and help on this admission process. CEA was certainly worth the investment.”

– CEA Parent, Santa Clara University, Class of 2026

"The direct and continuous contact that CEA held throughout the essay writing process was very helpful. My advisor and I were able to organize times to talk about my essay whenever needed."

– CEA Student, Brown University, Class of 2026

"Thank you so very much for all of your work with my daughter on her personal essay! The two of you came up with such a neat positive approach and topic, and you really helped bring out the best in my daughter and showcase her accomplishments and strengths. And you made the process interesting, useful, and motivating for her. You gave so much of yourself and your expertise. We're grateful!"

– CEA Parent, Stanford University, Class of 2025

"My son’s guidance counselor said, that both Lehigh and University of Rochester said they have not read a more honest and sincere application in many, many years. They said his essays were incredible and spoke to them about who he was like no one else's they read. They chose my son above students who had higher ACT and higher GPA's. Thank you!"

– CEA Parent, Lehigh, Class of 2025

“My child’s time with his Advisor has truly made a difference in how he sees himself, understands his accomplishments, appreciates his strengths and values his experiences. I think that is perhaps one of the most important aspects of this journey. Your process and team of Advisors, including the copyeditors, have been extremely helpful for us and we couldn’t have done this without your support.”

– CEA Parent, Georgia Tech, Class of 2024

"Your response time without compromising quality is impressive. Not only that, but your words of encouragement totally transformed a teen girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My daughter got accepted at multiple colleges: Cornell (her choice); Johns Hopkins; Boston College, Boston University, NYU and SUNY Binghamton. This victory is also yours. Again, I'm really grateful and thankful to you."

– CEA Parent, Cornell University, Class of 2024

"You have an excellent professional on your team. Honestly, I’d never imagined how someone could make me feel so comfortable. Always pushing me to find something, even when I was sure I did not have a story. In this last step (the most valuable one for me), I feel more than happy to have had you guys helping me through the process."

– CEA Student, Dartmouth University, Class of 2023

"My son received a personal note from his admissions counselor regarding his essay, which I will forward to you because it was sweet and you would appreciate it. Again, thanks for everything!"

– CEA Parent, Stony Brook University, Class of 2023

"We greatly appreciate your help! My son is thrilled and wants to pass on his thanks. He also said Go Navy, Beat Army!"

– CEA Parent, United States Naval Academy, Class of 2022

"I am so grateful that we found you! The time spent with her Advisor has had a lasting impact on my daughter's confidence and writing skills (as evidenced by her AP Lit grades, and other writing assignments), and this will go with her to college. It may not be part of CEA's positioning, but it should be - the intangible benefits are as important as the direct ones. Such a great investment for us."

– CEA Parent, Elon University, Class of 2022

"My daughters could not have done it without you. Getting into 7/8 schools is awesome. Thanks again. You truly gave us world class advice."

– CEA Parent, University of Delaware, Class of 2021

"My son’s final list of acceptances: MIT, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, U of Virginia, Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and U of Michigan. We can’t thank you enough. He couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll contact you in the future regarding my daughter!"

– CEA Parent, MIT, Class of 2020

"The timeline to get essays finished was extremely helpful. Stacey's positive attitude always made me more excited to work on my essays, after speaking with her I felt extremely motivated and proud of the work I was doing."

– CEA Student, NYU, Class of 2020

"Seriously, I can not thank you enough for all of your help. I really appreciate you taking me on as a client with such time restraints. It's a good feeling to be able to submit an application with a personal statement that gives such an accurate portrayal of my strengths and sentiments."

– CEA Student, Princeton University, Class of 2020

"Stacey was outstanding and words won't do justice to how much time she spent and how she dealt with the stressful deadlines along the way. We were lucky to have received the best service from the best-of-the-best."

– CEA Parent, Duke 2020

"CEA coached my son to expand his thinking, to look for sparks of creative thought that could become cohesive essays. Where he was previously writing bland, textbook-style essays, he ultimately wrote creative pieces that merited a second reading."

– CEA Parent, University of Michigan, Class of 2019

"When my daughter was at her Freshman orientation at Villanova (over a thousand students and parents in attendance) the Dean addressing the students specifically referenced her essay in his address! My daughter will NEVER forget that moment!"

– CEA Parent, Villanova University, Class of 2018

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YouTube Videos

"It truly helps if you're stuck trying to figure what subject to write about and once you start writing, help in revising."

– CEA Student

"The videos eliminate some of the anxiety and stress, giving a really straightforward and structured explanation of what the prompts are, how to approach them, and concrete ways to craft a great essay."

– Educator of CEA Students

"I only wish I knew about them sooner!"

– CEA Student

"The material was very helpful through the very difficult process of completing the essays. The steps were very clearly outlined and the material was delivered with a sense of humor."

– CEA Parent