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Gonzaga University 2019-20 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Regular Decision: 

Gonzaga University 2019-20 Application Essay Question Explanations 

The Requirements: 1 short answer of 5-10 sentences

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Short Answer

Please choose one of the following questions to answer below. Please provide a short response (5-10 sentences).

Please share an experience that made you feel uncomfortable or challenged, and then explain how you grew from the situation.

Cowabunga! Five to ten sentences is not a lot of space to write about challenge and personal growth! (We know you can do it though.) If you choose to respond to this prompt, we recommend thinking about an experience that doesn’t require a lot of context–you don’t have the space. Jump right in, get straight to the point, and reflect. Admissions wants to welcome open-minded, evolving students to campus who can think critically about the world around them and their part in it. Maybe you felt challenged when you took on three AP classes and the workload was more than you had bargained for. Did you respond by starting a study group and realize that you weren’t the only one floundering? Do you use that experience to chase away self-doubt when it tries to creep into your brain in other scenarios too? Start writing and see what comes out–don’t limit yourself at first; it’s better to write too much and then cut it down later. 

Please share an experience you have had outside of the classroom that has contributed to your personal growth.

Gonzaga is all about that personal growth (no treble). Respond to this prompt if the words “uncomfortable” and “challenged” don’t quite fit your story. Just like with our advice for prompt one, try to tell a succinct story about something that happened that caused you to rethink how you act or react. Maybe when your great aunt was diagnosed with a terminal illness, you took over more responsibilities at home so your mom could visit her in the hospital. Did the experience help you to better appreciate your mom for all the little things she does for your family members? Did you learn to put other people’s needs in front of your own? Perhaps you were promoted to manager of your local bakery and had to learn how to problem solve and develop your interpersonal skills when you were put in charge of scheduling. No matter your story, make sure you communicate to admissions that you are a growing, evolving, and self-aware applicant. 

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