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College of Wooster 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

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College of Wooster 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanation

The Requirements:  1 essay of 250 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why

Why are you interested in The College of Wooster? (250 words) 

You only have 250 words, so brevity is key. Begin by getting familiar with their website (including: classes, professors, clubs, organizations, and campus life). What stands out to you? What interests you? Where do you see yourself fitting in on campus? Take a virtual tour and take note of what catches your eye. Maybe you want to write about how the Peace Corps Prep program will set you up for success or how excited you are to take advantage of Wooster’s research opportunities and senior capstone experiences. Whatever your reasoning may be, admissions wants to know that you’re not applying just because you like to say “Wooster” (though it is fun to say, right?! Wooster), but that you can demonstrate real interest in being a student there next fall.

We try our best to make sure our guides are as up to date as possible, but we still recommend confirming each prompt and word count with the school in question.
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