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Boston University (BU) 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Boston University (BU) 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 300 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why

Boston University is dedicated to our founding principles: “that higher education should be accessible to all and that research, scholarship, artistic creation, and professional practice should be conducted in the service of the wider community—local and international. These principles endure in the University’s insistence on the value of diversity in its tradition and standards of excellence and its dynamic engagement with the City of Boston and the world.” With this mission in mind, please respond to one of the following two questions in 300 words or less:

1. Reflect on a social or community issue that deeply resonates with you. Why is it important to you, and how have you been involved in addressing or raising awareness about it?

This is your opportunity to not only show admissions that you’re paying attention to the world around you, but also demonstrate your creativity and vision. Start by brainstorming a few problems or challenges—big and small—that bother you or impact your life in some capacity. Maybe it’s rampant wildfires, trans rights, or accessibility issues in your community. The scope and scale of your problem can vary. With this prompt, it’s a good idea that you touch on when or where your passion first began and how it developed over time. Show that you’re not only informed and concerned, but also actively engaged in addressing the problem head on (in one to three innovative ways). This prompt gives you a wonderful opportunity to reveal something new about yourself through discussing your enthusiastic engagement with a given issue; in the process, you will showcase your curious, well-rounded nature to admissions—and huzzah for that!

2. What about being a student at BU most excites you? How do you hope to contribute to our campus community?

With this prompt, BU is marrying two classics: the Why Essay and the Community Essay. The point of this sort of prompt is twofold: to learn what makes you tick and to gauge your commitment to the school. So, the more time you spend researching the school and their unique offerings, the better you’ll be able to demonstrate both. Spend some quality time poring over the school website. Take notes on anything and everything that appeals to you across all aspects of student life: classes, professors, labs, clubs, speakers, location—literally everything! The point is to paint a picture for admissions that clues them into your passions and demonstrates how BU will help you cultivate them. Once you’ve completed your preliminary research, narrow the list to your top five or so items to focus on. Remember, your essay should not only reveal information about your interests, but also your vision for engaging with the campus community from your first day on campus.

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School Stats:

State: Massachusetts
Acceptance Rate: 14%
Undergrad Population: 17,744
Tuition: $66,670
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