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American Jewish University

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Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences so that we can better understand your interests. (250 words max)

Topic 1: AJU is committed to equipping students to realize their leadership potential and promote positive change in the world as ethical leaders, yet ‘leadership’ has many meanings and interpretations. In your essay, please address (1) What does ‘leadership’ mean to you personally? (2) How have you demonstrated leadership in your academic and personal life thus far? and (3) How do you feel you can contribute to the AJU community through your leadership capacity?
Topic 2: Tikkun Olam (heal the world) is a key element of the AJU experience. Describe a significant experience in which you performed a mitzvah (a worthy deed)? What was your take-away from this experience?
Topic 3: AJU is a place for students to develop their personal identity and character. What attributes make you unique? How would such attributes add to the AJU community?
Tell us about any leadership positions you’ve held and/or community service you’ve performed; provide specific dates & details. (500 words max)
Have you participated in any clubs, sports, or enrichment programs (i.e. debate team, basketball, summer camps, youth groups, study abroad, etc)? If so, briefly describe your experience(s). (500 words max)
Expanding one’s horizon comes from exposure to different ideas, people, and ways of living. The American Jewish University (AJU) capitalizes on the vibrant culture and geography of greater Los Angeles to provide that very interaction. As a pluralistic liberal arts college, AJU provides an accessible and open environment for all expressions of Judaism and other cultures. At AJU, you become part of a closeknit community that students refer to as “family.” We are also a cooperative learning environment with an average class size of 12. With a 7:1 student to faculty ratio, students develop strong relationships with professors and fellow classmates. What is the most influential factor in your decision to apply to AJU? (500 words max)
What else would you like us to know about you that has not been addressed in this application? (500 words max)
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