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Trinity College 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Trinity College 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 300 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Community  

Please consider writing an additional optional essay that focuses on your specific interest in Trinity College. In 300 words or less, please write an essay about the following prompt. 

The identities you claim, the challenges you face, and the successes you enjoy shape the background for your college experience to come. What is an aspect of your background that you are excited to share and/or explore as a member of the Trinity community and why?

Trinity College wants to accept students from a range of backgrounds who will be actively engaged in their community, so tell admissions about what makes you you and how you will be a meaningful addition to the student body. Think about times when people have been intrigued by or curious about your identity, upbringing, or background. And remember: the best way to answer this prompt is by showing, not telling. Maybe your parents came to the US from Venezuela but were reluctant to talk about their home country, so you hope to join student groups and take classes to educate yourself. Perhaps you have lived with a physical disability for as long as you can remember, and the ways you move through the world and take up space impact how you interact with your surroundings and vice versa. What do you hope to share with others about your lived experience? How will you explore your identity at Trinity? The most impactful essays will reference specific aspects of Trinity’s course offerings, student groups, or religious foundations to show how you will make an impact in their community. 

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State: Connecticut
Acceptance Rate: 31%
Undergrad Population: 2,159
Tuition: $64,430
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