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Stonehill College 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide  

Stonehill College 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 250 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s):  Why

Students have many choices in their college search and application process. Please share why you have chosen to consider Stonehill College among your possible college options. (Optional – 250 word maximum)

This is a tricky take on the classic why essay! While many schools ask students why they decided to apply, Stonehill goes a step further to ask you what makes it stand out from the pack. Take the hint that admissions doesn’t want to see a generic essay where the word “Stonehill” could easily be replaced by another institution. They want a clear indication of your genuine interest, so do your homework and be specific with this! We know, this sounds like a lot of work for a so-called optional essay, but here at CEA, we believe that almost no essay is truly optional. This is your one shot to speak to your application-reader in your own voice and convince them of your fit. Plus, with such a specific question, a lack of response could come across as aloofness. So buckle down and get ready to tell admissions exactly why Stonehill is on your college list! 

It’s your job to craft a stunning answer that displays to admissions exactly what went into your decision to apply. If you’re just getting into the idea of applying to Stonehill, spend a few hours digging through the school’s website. Jot down the most captivating details so that when you write your essay, you can let yourself really get excited about the topic(s) you choose to write about. Or, if you’ve already been planning to apply to Stonehill for a while, take some time to at least skim a few pages to help you solidify your reasons for applying with concrete details. Since this prompt is literally only two sentences long and asks for a response with a max of 250 words, try to stay focused on one or two well-supported reasons, and make sure to tie all of the information you gather online back to your own life and experiences. Does their program in graphic design speak to your artistic inclinations in a way no other school has? Does your green thumb and love of community service have you itching to pull on a pair of gardening gloves and head out into the fields of The Farm? No matter what your reasoning is, fill your essay with personal details that draw a connection between your own experiences and the world of new opportunities Stonehill has to offer.

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School Stats:

State: Massachusetts
Acceptance Rate: 73%
Undergrad Population: 2,536
Tuition: $53,300
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