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Soka University of America 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

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Regular Decision Deadline: Feb 15

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Soka University of America 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations 

The Requirements: 2 essays of 500-750 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why

In the view of global human progress, which path seems more promising to you: revolution or evolution? What role do you see for dialogue being a catalyst for progress? Please elaborate.

This is a heavy question for high school students to approach, but we know you can do it! Admissions is really just trying to gain insight into your worldview and vision for the future. Maybe you think revolution is the way to go, that we should overthrow broken and corrupt systems that no longer benefit the people. Perhaps you see humans evolving within our current systems into cyborgs, occupying a world in which humankind and artificial intelligence merge into one cohesive being, streamlining the creation of a Westworld-esque occupancy of Earth. Don’t get lost in the gravity of this prompt; instead, start by making a list: revolution on one side, evolution on the other. We’re confident that, if you dedicate time to pondering your thoughts and feelings on the matter, your response will practically write itself.

In today’s world, what is your purpose in seeking a liberal arts education? How would you use your SUA education as a tool to shape your future living a contributive life?

Soka University of America wants to know that you’ve given your application some thought. That you’re not applying willy-nilly, but have carefully considered your options and decided that SUA would be a great institution at which to study. 

So, why are you seeking a liberal arts education? If you’re not really sure how a liberal arts degree differs from any other kind of degree, start by educating yourself. Next, articulate for admissions why a well-rounded education is important to you. Do you think it will allow you to build upon your communication and problem solving skills, preparing you for law school? Maybe you think it will help you to be more marketable once you enter the working world, prepared to work in a variety of fields with layered experience in both science and literature. Whatever your reason may be, make it clear with specific examples of your interests and how they can overlap. Next, explain why Soka, in particular, is the school to help you accomplish your goals (law school, marketability, etc.) and shape your future into one of contribution. Demonstrate your interests, passion, and vision for your life with a SUA degree, and admissions is sure to be impressed.

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School Stats:

State: California
Acceptance Rate: 52%
Undergrad Population: 445
Tuition: $34,382
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