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Seattle Pacific University 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Guide

Seattle Pacific University 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations 

The Requirements: 1 essay of 100-500 words 

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why

Seattle Pacific University is a Christian university fully committed to engaging the culture and changing the world by graduating people of competence and character, becoming people of wisdom, and modeling grace-filled community. At Seattle Pacific, we encourage all students to go deeper in their Christian faith, or to explore the Christian faith, and to be inspired to make a difference. SPU’s vision means that you can pursue an education that helps you make the world a better place for all. Our approach to faith pairs the importance of beliefs and understanding with practices that encourage lives of spiritual growth and service to others. Our diverse learning community offers students a place to grow, discover, and embrace great challenges. 
In the space below, briefly (100-500 words) respond to one writing prompt:

1) How does SPU’s vision to “engage the culture and change the world” align with your desire for college?

SPU has said a lot in their intro to these questions, so make sure to take the time to read over the linked material carefully and take note of what inspires you. This prompt focuses on the first sentence, which emphasizes the large-scale impact their graduates make. If you hope to make big waves in your future career, this question is for you! Think about how you want to change the world when you graduate. What aspects of a collegiate experience would best prime you for this? Perhaps the Apparel Design and Merchandising major appeals to you as you aim to make the fashion industry more sustainable or inclusive. Maybe you’re drawn to the faith-based education that SPU provides, which would build a strong foundation for your future career as a social worker. Make sure you’re specific and clear in what you hope to gain from your college experience to further your future goals, as well as what makes SPU a good fit (and vice versa)!

 2) Why are you interested in attending SPU and how do you hope your faith will grow or be developed in SPU’s Christ-centered education?

This second prompt is perfect for students whose faith plays a large role in their lives. First, start with our age-old, classic advice: do your research! Explore the school’s website to pinpoint exactly what you like about them. In addition to their Christ-centered education, make sure to list courses, majors, professors, clubs, or other aspects of their programs and community that appeal to you. Then, explain how SPU’s underpinning of faith will help you grow. Maybe you recently converted to Christianity and you want to be immersed in a supportive community to learn more while you pursue your studies. Perhaps you’ve felt distant from your Christian upbringing and look forward to reconnecting with your spirituality through the University Scholars program. Your essay should accomplish two things: explain what draws you to SPU and describe how you hope your faith will develop and grow. To achieve both goals, make sure you cite specific, unique aspects of the school’s offerings and connect them to your own background or interests.  

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School Stats:

State: Washington
Acceptance Rate: 91%
Undergrad Population: 2,085
Tuition: $32,364
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