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Trinity College 2022-23 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Trinity College 2022-23 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 300 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Community  

Please consider writing an additional optional essay that focuses on your specific interest in Trinity College. In 300 words or less, please write an essay about the following prompt. You may type directly into the box or you can paste text from another source.

The Trinity College community is characterized by engagement, inclusion, and collaborative partnerships. Based on the different communities that you are a member of, how will you engage with and leave an impact on the Trinity College community?

Trinity College wants to know that you will be actively engaged in ways that make an impact in their community. So, think about your role in your current communities and map that onto Trinity’s campus. What role do you like to fill in group situations and how do you connect with others? The best way to answer this prompt is by showing, not telling. Any time you worked or engaged with others is fair game, so don’t restrict yourself merely to your science fair project or the baseball team. This is also a great opportunity to write about a professional experience (your first time working as a hostess!) or community service (organizing the county coat drive!) or your role within your family or place of worship (Sunday morning greeter!). Since the word limit is relatively tight, you’ll want to zero in on a specific moment or connection and remember that this question is about engagement and collaboration. You don’t need to be a master planner or networking superstar to impress admissions here. Just be you, however that may be.

We try our best to make sure our guides are as up to date as possible, but we still recommend confirming each prompt and word count with the school in question.
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