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Texas Christian University 2021-22 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

We try our best to make sure our guides are as up to date as possible, but we still recommend confirming each prompt and word count with the school in question.

Texas Christian University 2021-22 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 2 short essays of 100 words or less; 1 optional creative essay

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Short Answer

Think of this supplement as a “lightning round.” Each brief question targets a different part of who you are — from your academic ambitions, to your personality, to your deeper feelings. Prepare to write some short, sharp answers to wow TCU admissions. 

What makes TCU a great fit for you? (Recommended Length: 100 words)

You’ve only got 100 words to show TCU that you’re a match made in heaven! To ensure that each word has maximum impact, take some time to do your research on the school, your chosen major, and any activities that interest you. In any college essay, specificity is key, but in this case you just don’t have time to generalize. Focus on specific aspects of the TCU experience, and don’t forget to connect them to your life! Admissions wants to learn more about you, so aim to show how a TCU education would build on your current interests and pursuits.

(For reference, the paragraph you just read is exactly 100 words.)

Inclusive Excellence views Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a responsibility from all members of the TCU community. An inclusive campus leads to innovation while broadening perspective and understanding, values that are foundational to higher education. ( 

Describe how you have or plan to contribute to an inclusive college environment. (Recommended Length: 100 words)*

TCU wants to accept students who will contribute to their diversity, equity and inclusivity on campus. So, tell admissions about what you bring to the table. Ideally, the unique aspect of your identity that you select should come with a couple anecdotes. Maybe you want to write about your gender identity, and give admissions a glimpse into what it’s like to be a trans teenager in 2021. Perhaps you embody #BlackGirlMagic and always take the opportunity to celebrate your heritage and community — on-campus or off. Regardless of the contribution you believe you will bring with you to an inclusive college environment, be specific in your response to this prompt and use this opportunity to speak to admissions in your own authentic voice. (Because there’s no one quite like you!)

Optional: TCU values individuality and believes that students are more than just a GPA and test score. To help us get to know you even better, consider this opportunity to further express yourself. The only limitations are the boundaries of your imagination. Please upload an essay, poem, work of art or a URL that showcases another side of you.

In general, we believe you should take every opportunity presented to speak to admissions in your own voice. In this case, we think it’s extra important because the other two supplemental essays are so short! What have you made in the past year or so that you are especially proud of? What might surprise an admissions officer who has read the rest of your application? While the sky’s the limit, we want to remind you that this is your first impression. If you plan to share a piece of your digital presence, be sure it’s polished and professional.

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