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Flagler College 2020-21 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Regular Decision: 

Flagler College 2020-21 Application Essay Question Explanation

The Requirements: 2 essays of 250 words each

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why

Why are you interested in Flagler College? (250 words)

Why Flagler? Odds are that you’ve seen this prompt before (or one very similar to it) and our advice is the same: start with research. Go to Flagler College’s website and see what there is to see. What stands out to you? If you have the opportunity to visit campus, even better! Take notes and picture yourself as a student there. Where would you study or meet up with friends on campus? Where would you want to intern? Which clubs would you join? Who would you want to take classes with? Admissions will receive a ton of vague responses to this prompt, so be specific to stand out from the pack! Just be sure not to spend too much time writing about academics–that’s what the next prompt is for!

Discuss your reasons for pursuing the selected academic program? (250 words)

To ace this response, you just need to describe what you want to study and why you’re willing to dedicate four years of your life to it (at the very least). Sounds easy peasy, right? To go the extra mile, connect your intended major to some prior experience and/or passion. In other words, tell a story. The most memorable essays spring from concrete descriptions of your experiences. While you don’t need to pinpoint the exact moment you became interested in International Business, try to zero in on some inspiring interaction or project. Your story should showcase your unique connection to your chosen course of study.

Please note: the information below relates to last year's essay prompts. We are going to update this guide with the prompts for 2021-22 as soon as they become available. Check back soon!
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