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How to Write the University of Michigan’s Expression of Continued Interest (Deferral Letter)

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So, you applied early to the University of Michigan, and you’ve been deferred to the Regular Decision admission pool. First thing’s first, you are not the only one. And you’re still in the game!

The good news is that Michigan is asking deferred applicants to submit an Expression of Continued Interest, which means you have an additional opportunity to make a case for why admissions should want you on their campus. (Other than the fact that you’ve seen every season of 90-Day Fiance, which would get you admitted if we had anything to say about it.)

The Expression of Continued Interest form reads as follows:

Historically, some applicants to the University of Michigan have sent additional documents or letters to us after submitting their applications. These items are generally meant to express continued interest or to let us know about new achievements on the applicant’s part. If you have additional information you would like to share with us about yourself, you can do so by submitting our Expression of Continued Interest form. This is the only method by which we will accept new application information from you.

This form serves as your singular expression of continued interest in the University of Michigan, and can be used to share additional information about yourself with us. It is voluntary and is not required for us to consider your application in our Regular Decision process. If there is additional information you would like to provide to us, please submit this form by March 17.


Please note: Given the high volume of applicants to the University of Michigan, this form is the only source of additional application information that will be considered. Therefore, additional information/communications sent outside of this form will not be added to your application.


Limit: 250 words

Although this short essay is technically voluntary, like so many other “optional” components of the admissions process, we recommend submitting it. If you don’t take this opportunity to express your interest, why would admissions accept you over applicants who did? #demonstratedinterest

In order to submit a response that will truly work to your advantage, you should:

1. Follow Instructions Carefully

The directions clearly state that this Expression of Continued Interest is the only source of additional information that admissions officers will consider. This means that it would be a waste of your time to submit any additional materials or information outside the scope of this short essay. And, admissions doesn’t want to receive anything else from you — not even cookies (which is crazy to us). They mean it!

2. Reiterate, Don’t Repeat

You already wrote an entire essay dedicated to why you want to attend the University of Michigan, so there’s no need to repeat information admissions already has about you on file. Instead, choose some new details to focus on that remind admissions why you’re a great fit for the program to which you are applying, or the institution as a whole. 

3. Emphasize Your Interest 

If the University of Michigan is your first choice, say so! Swing from the writerly rafters and put your passion into words. Don’t be shy. Also, if you have any special connection to the university (Have you visited? Did your relatives attend?), find a way to address that in your short response. How can you highlight your overwhelming desire to be a Wolverine?  It also couldn’t hurt to be polite, and thank admissions for continuing to consider your application. (Who doesn’t love manners?!)

4. Include Important Updates

What has happened since you submitted your application in November? Have you won any awards? Improved your GPA? Started a new socially-distanced after-school program with friends? This  is the perfect opportunity to get admissions up to speed.

5. Submit as soon as possible.

The deadline for this essay is stated as Feb 20, but there is no harm in showing a little extra enthusiasm for being admitted. Of course, you should not submit your short essay early to the detriment of your application — take your time working on the assignment — but the sooner you submit, the better. You want to show admissions that you are chomping at the bit to showcase your passion for their institution. Who wants to go here more than you? Nobody!

6. Ask For Help

Our final piece of advice is to ask for help. Recruit a trusted friend, relative, or expert to review your short essay. They might remind you of an achievement you left out or help you to streamline your response. As always, our Advisors are standing by to help you with this assignment and others, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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