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5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Write Your College Essay

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college essay help phoneWe know. Your phone is basically magic. You can connect with your friends instantly! You can order 500 pizzas! And Snapchats – WHERE DO THEY GO?! But we bet you didn’t know that your phone – smart or standard – has a number of basic features that can make a world of difference to your admissions-essay-writing success and productivity. When you’re having trouble getting started and don’t know where to turn for college essay help, here are five essential ways your phone can help you hack the college essay.

  1. Block out your schedule. Obviously you’d write everyday if only you had the time. But you do! Block out 20-30 minute chunks in your schedule a few days a week. Pick times when you know you’d normally be binge-watching X-Files or otherwise available, and set reminders. When that notification comes through, drop what you’re doing and keep this promise to yourself.
  1. Set timers. When you sit down to write, remember that you don’t have to write forever. You don’t even have to write until you come up with an idea you like (since – spoiler – that probably won’t happen on the first try). Set yourself a 10-20 minute time limit for continuous writing. Just crank out and cram in as many ideas as you can think of, especially when you’re at the earliest brainstorming phases of the application process.
  1. Set alarms. When was the last time you checked in with yourself? How often do you tap into what you’re feeling in the moment (not as expressed through the Earlybird filter)? Setting hourly alarms on your phone can be a great way to remind yourself to check in, look at the world around you, and jot down a few notes about what is going well (or not so well) and those goals and aspirations you were just daydreaming about.
  1. Take photos. Even if you already do this, even if you already have a gajillion Instagram followers, it’s time to start compiling photos of the things that matter to you. The more images you collect, the easier it will become for you to start to build connections between your passions, values, and goals. Use one of your time-constrained freewrites to write about a particularly beloved shot or two.
  1. Record yourself. Sometimes you come up with a super brilliant idea AND NO PENS ARE IN SIGHT. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing. NOT TO WORRY. Just leave yourself a quick voice memo to come back to later.

And that’s everything you need your phone to do! No apps required! At the end of the day, your greatest power is your own authentic voice.

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