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How to Write an Amazing Closing Line

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The last line of the essay is just as important as the first. The opening line sets a stage of intrigue and the closing line makes the final mark; don’t miss the chance to leave a lasting impression. The closing line can tie your story up in a neat little bow or leave admissions lingering, wanting for more. No matter what, the final line of the essay should leave the admissions officer feeling a connection with or curious about the applicant that they just can’t shake.


Tie your ending back to your beginning.

Tying up your story this way showcases advance writerly ability and often has a poetic effect.

Leave the reader wanting more.

Leaving readers with a final thought to ponder or an open-ended range of possible outcomes in front of them is an effective way to spark long-term ruminations about you and your essay.

End on a crucial reflection.

Pointing the reader to a main lesson you’ve learned (without bunking them over the head with it) is often an effective ending note.

Try out as many closing lines as you need to.

Try new things.  Edit and tweak. Don’t stop until your ending gives you the chills.


And there you have it! The perfect recipe for cooking up the perfect closing line!


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