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What to do During the Last Three Months of College Application Season

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college application seasonThis is it. The final stretch. The final frontier. You’re just a few short months away from kissing your college applications goodbye forever. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s stressful. Whatever you’re feeling right now, dear applicants, it’s important to remember that, while the end is nigh, it isn’t here yet. So, if you’ve already started planning what you’ll do with all your extra time, get your head back in the game so you can finish strong. And if you’ve been a ball of stress, take a deep breath and remember that you still have time to get everything done. To help you, we’ve mapped out what you’ll need to get done (and the order you need to do it) for the next three months.

OCTOBER: Polish up your early application(s)!

Ah, October, the scariest month of the year. Most early deadlines fall between October 15 and November 1, so use this month to focus specifically on finishing up the applications for your early application schools. Make sure to proofread, and submit at least 24 hours before the actual deadline.

NOVEMBER: Polish up your regular applications! (Yes, everyone.)

Eeeeven if you submitted an early application or two (or five), and eeeeven if you’re pretty sure you’ll get into your first choice EA school, your applications are officially out of your hands. All you can control, at this point, is your contingency plan. Chances are, you’ll be able to re-purpose some of the writing you did for your early applications for other schools in other applications. Just imagine future you in the worst case scenario: scrambling to pull 20 essays together three days before the deadline. Doesn’t prepping those regular decision apps early feel like a smart move?

DECEMBER: Hit submit!

Proofread. Make sure everything is appropriately entered on the Common App and any other electronic submission systems you need to deal with. Submit at least 24 hours before the deadline. Do a little dance. Sleep until 2017. You did it.

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