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The NY Times’ June Checklist: “Start Writing Your College Essay”

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CEA_Checklist_1The NY Times’ The Choice blog recently released its June College Checklist for Juniors, and can you guess what was on the list?  That’s right folks!  It’s officially essay time! The post suggests that June is the perfect time to begin the college essay, as the summer frees students from the added pressure of everyday school essays and projects.  College counselors also noted that exiting the month with a fully polished draft in hand is not necessary, and we agree — it is most important simply to start the process.  Still, why not get as big a jump start on this behemoth task as possible?  Summer will be more fun if you know you have a plan already in action. In addition to beginning the college essay, the article also recommends that students use the summer to visit colleges, finalize senior year schedules, and relax/recharge.  See how many things you can cross off before the heat of July is upon us.  For the full checklist, visit The Choice Blog.

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