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What It’s Like to be a College Admissions Officer

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Imagine you’re a college admissions officer. You’re pumped to dive into your pile of new applicants. You’re jazzed to see what the students of 2017 have to bring to your academic community.

You’re responsible for viewing over 1,000 applications per season! This means 40 applications a day and 8.5 an hour! This gives you about 7 minutes to read through a student’s entire application! This leaves you 2-3 minutes on each essay!

You spend more time per day scrolling through top ten lists and daydreaming about dinosaurs than you do on one student’s personal statement! It’s a good thing each student has spent months perfecting their college essay so you can spend the same amount of time it takes to open a stubborn bag of potato chips to read their masterpiece. No one said life was fair.

What does this mean for you, dear applicant?

It means you have less time than you ever imagined to capture an admissions officer’s attention. It means that if you’re going to make an impression with your carefully crafted words, you better make it fast and you better make that mark deep. It means your college essay must be at least as entertaining as a video from CollegeHumor and tastier than a bag of Stacy’s pita chips. It has to be able to break through the noise and hit admissions officers where it counts.

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