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Last-Minute Application Essay Edits from the Experts at CEA

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last-minute application emergencyAre you coming down with something, or are college essays making you sick? Does the mere thought of reading over another draft make you nauseous? A normal medical doctor can’t help with these ailments, but without a quick shot in the arm, you and your essays could be in dire trouble. Luckily the specialists at College Essay Advisors have just the dose of inspiration you could be looking for.

Call or message us today to book a College Essay Checkup™, and pick up a quick cure for grammatical mistakes, bandages for your structural issues, and maybe even a vaccination against boring opening sentences. One quick consultation with the essay doctor includes:

  1. A baseline checkup to identify content, structure and grammar issues, noted in handwriting that is far easier to decode than your average physician’s penmanship.
  2. A speedy phone diagnosis, explaining the checkup conclusions and highlighting areas of potential improvement.
  3. One quick follow-up scan to check your ensuing corrections.
  4. A lollipop for being such a brave patient.

Contact us for a quote or call 347-927-9CEA (9232), and get on the road to essay wellness with CEA!

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