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It’s Science!: Stand Up For Success

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squareatomEven when we talk about how it starts, our students are sedentary.  You’re going to sit down and write that essay.  An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal suggests that we should all be doing our work standing up, or at the very least, sitting up straight.  The advisors at CEA should take some lessons from this too — we don’t want to morph into hunchbacks while spell checking your brilliant combinations of nouns and verbs.  Maybe, together, we can work to follow some of the article’s most salient tips. All of us can preserve our posture and maximize breath efficiency by sitting with our rib cages lifted, our backs not touching our chairs, and both of our feet firmly planted on the floor — while incessantly typing, of course.  Maintaining good posture also helps people maintain a positive attitude — something we all need when digging into that third hour of drafting and re-drafting.  It’s probably also a good idea to kick the whole process off with your weight on both legs; we don’t know a single person whose brainstorming sessions didn’t benefit from a little walk around the block.  Spine straight!

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