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How to Write a Winning Business School Application Essay

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People enter business school at different times in their lives. Some folks apply straight out of college, while others apply after gaining some real-world experience.

Regardless of what phase of life you find yourself in, your application essay should detail what you hope to achieve in business school and beyond. It should outline your goals and objectives, what you hope to specialize in, and how this education will propel you toward your vision of success. 

In short: What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? And how will the institution you’re applying to help you achieve your goals?

We recommend conducting some research before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys), so you can clearly point to the school or program’s offerings and connect the dots for admissions.

Every successful Business School essay should accomplish these three things:
  1. Bridge the gap between your past, your present, and the future you see for yourself
  2. Address your short and long term goals (bonus points for pie in the sky goals!)
  3. Specify why the particular school you’re applying to is the best fit for you (and vice versa!)

Be sure to give your essay a personal touch, ensuring that no one else could put their name at the top of your essay. You can achieve this by including personal anecdotes, conveying your passions, and weaving specifics into your essay.

Finally, include specifics about the school you’re applying to. Which professors are you looking forward to learning from? Does the school have a vast alumni network that you hope to connect with? Are there special opportunities for new entrepreneurs?

If you provide admissions with a detailed peek at your grand plans (and include the role the school will play in helping to launch you into them), we’re sure you’ll be flooded with acceptance emails in no time!

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