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Colleges That Don’t Require Any Supplemental Essays

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Maybe you want to apply to a few schools, but don’t want to write any essays. Perhaps you’ve already written so many supplemental essays that the thought of writing one more makes you want to lock yourself in your room with five family size bags of kettle corn and never come out. Maybe you’re just trying to take advantage of the Common Application’s 20 school cap by sending out your amazing personal statement and activity list to as many schools as possible. Regardless of your reasoning, we’ve put together a list of universities and colleges that do NOT require any supplemental essays in addition to the personal statement.

  1. Adelphi University
  2. Alaska Pacific University
  3. Albion College
  4. Alma College
  5. Baldwin Wallace University
  6. Barry University
  7. Bates College
  8. Bay Path University
  9. Beloit College
  10. Bryant University
  11. Butler University
  12. Caldwell University
  13. Capital University
  14. Centenary College of Louisiana
  15. Christopher Newport University
  16. Clarkson University
  17. Colby College
  18. College of Saint Benedict
  19. Concordia University Wisconsin
  20. Cornell College
  21. Cottey College
  22. DePaul University
  23. Elmira College
  24. Gettysburg College
  25. Grinnell College
  26. Hanover College
  27. Hellenic College
  28. Hollins University
  29. Hope College
  30. Iona University
  31. Juniata College
  32. Kenyon College
  33. Lyon College
  34. McKendree University
  35. Menlo College
  36. Middlebury College
  37. Northeastern University
  38. Northern Vermont University Johnson
  39. Northern Vermont University Lyndon
  40. Ohio State University
  41. Ripon College
  42. Pace University
  43. Pacific Lutheran University
  44. Sacred Heart University
  45. Salisbury University
  46. Seton Hall University
  47. Stevens Institute of Technology
  48. SUNY Binghamton University
  49. Susquehanna University
  50. Temple University
  51. Trinity University
  52. Union College
  53. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  54. University of Colorado Denver
  55. University of Connecticut
  56. University of Idaho
  57. University of Missouri – St. Louis
  58. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  59. University of New Hampshire
  60. University of Rhode Island
  61. Wesleyan University
  62. Whitman College
  63. Wilkes University
  64. Woodbury University
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