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Welcome to College Essay Advisors!

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p-megaphoneWelcome to College Essay Advisors, otherwise known as CEA.  Our college essay experts have been working with students for over a decade to help them personalize, polish and perfect the personal statement.  We know the college admissions essay is a crucial tool in boosting admissions rates for students of all abilities and have worked with hundreds of students to ensure the essays they submit are powerful, memorable, and most importantly, a true reflection of their passions and personalities.

2013-2014 is a big year for CEA.  This post marks the launch of our brand new website, where we will share tricks and tips with our students and the college applicant world at large.  We hope to be a source of important news and helpful tidbits as we accompany the 2013-2014 class of applicants through the admissions journey.  We are young, we are hip, we are addicted to the internet and are on our iPhones all the time.  So ask us questions!  Submit your queries via Facebook or Twitter.  Email us.  Tell us what kind of advice you are looking for, and we will try and provide the answers.  And for those lucky, fun-loving students who sign up in time, we also look forward to working with you personally, guiding and assisting you until you have crafted works of writing that will launch admissions officers from their office chairs into the stratosphere.  We’re not totally sure that is scientifically possible, so please don’t hold us to that — but please know we are trying our very best to help you inspire stellar-essay-induced space travel.

So welcome to CEA and the admissions essay journey.  We can’t wait to work with you and hear what you have to say.  Now let’s get writing!

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