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4 Questions that Will Prove Your College Essay Topic is Perfect

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squaremedalYour life, at this moment, could be the inspiration for Furious 8. The world is spinning at a fast and furious pace and the earliest ED deadlines are a month away. You’re preeeetty sure you have picked your college essay topic and you’re dying to start writing it, but every time you open up a new word document, your breakneck pace comes to a firey halt. What if you picked wrong? How can you be SURE that your chosen topic is the topic?

A few clues: You no longer want to hurl large objects across the room. You can breathe again. You’re excited to start writing.

Seriously! When you find the right topic, you’ll know it. All of a sudden, the pressure of writing a perfectly compelling college essays lifts a little because you have chosen a topic that is truly meaningful to you. Students who write effective college essays aren’t thinking about what admissions officers want to hear. They’re thinking about how to best express themselves and what a near-stranger might want to know to feel better acquainted with them. When a topic feels like it could accomplish that task, you’re golden.

Once you have chosen a topic, lock it in by performing these last few tests to make sure it will do the trick. Ask yourself:

  1. Does a quick summary of your topic answer one of the prompts? (Remember, you have to pick one eventually.)
  2. Will this topic make admissions wish they could meet me in person? Does it inspire them to want to know more about me?
  3. Will anyone else be able to write about this topic in the way I plan to write about it? When the essay is complete, would it be crazy to think of someone else claiming my essay as their own?
  4. What will writing about this subject say about me? What ultimate message am I hoping to convey?

The answers to those questions will help determine if you need to dive back into the idea pool, or press on to turn your awesome topic into a truly incredible essay.

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