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College Essay News and Tips: CEA’s Weekly Link Roundup

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college essay news and tipsWith the anniversary of our nation’s birth just around the corner (cue the eagle squawking and flying overhead), summer is well underway!  Hopefully all of you are treating yourselves to some well deserved R&R.  When your mouth isn’t stuffed with a celebratory ice cream cone, there’s one thing that we at CEA hope you’re doing:  TALKING!  Talk to your parents, your siblings, your best friend, your dog, your cat, your uncharacteristically attentive goldfish, that crack on your wall that kind of gives you the willies every time you think about Doctor Who…whatever!  Get used to talking because colleges are eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say!  In this week’s link round-up, here’s the scoop on what colleges want to hear.

  • Dan Edmonds gives the lo-down on what information schools really want and how your FAFSA and ACTs may be giving away more information than you thought…
  • Speaking of which, did you know that there are key windows of time to file your FAFSA that will maximize your financial aid award? You’re welcome.
  • Class of 2017 Harvard applicants were so enthusiastic about the optional essay, that Harvard has now made it mandatory once again!
  • A major faux pas when applying to different colleges: starting rumors about them!  One high school senior fabricated a story of Harvard and Stanford fighting over her enrollment, adding that a joint degree programs between the two schools existed (sadly it does not).
  • Wish you had some cool coworkers to bounce ideas off of, but don’t have any?  Check out some of these job opportunities that will keep you stocked with plenty of stories for your college essay.
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