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College Essay News and Tips: CEA’s Weekly Link Roundup

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CEA_book-reading college essay newsGreetings and salutations (as my fave spider used to say)!  How are you spending the remainder of your summer months?  Giving your cat a trendy new Trump look?  Gazing at the night sky and pondering the amazing pictures and new insights about (ex)planet Pluto?  Or maybe you’d like to spend the rest of your summer drooling over the early release of the Suicide Squad trailer (thank you, Joss!).  In this week’s CEA link roundup, we offer you other suggestions on how to keep busy this summer, and some unique jobs that you might give a whirl:

  • Money, gossip, and even MORE money? (No, Mad Men isn’t making a comeback).  Read up on the unique life-experience that can be gained from working as a bank teller for the summer.
  • Are you a food enthusiast?  Do you live for Sunday brunch?  Take a walk on the other side of the food industry, here are 5 reasons why you should work in food service at least once.
  • Neither of those tickling your fancy?  Here are four more jobs that Lynn Dixon thinks everyone should try.

by Lydia Hogarth

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