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A Message From Our Founder Re: Coronavirus and College Applicants

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Dear Students, Parents and Educators,

First and foremost, my team and I wanted to extend our wishes for the safety of you and your loved ones during this crazy and unprecedented crisis.

No one yet knows how COVID-19 will impact the education system at large. What we do know is that there are many immediate challenges students, parents and educators face in the wake of school closings, standardized testing cancellations and e-learning experiments. As committed members of the educational community, we here at College Essay Advisors are eager to help ease these transitions in any way we can.

We know one of the main challenges in these early phases of e-learning adaptation is the generation of digital curriculum. As a result, we are offering our complete college essay tutorial video series, College Essay Academy, for free on the CEA YouTube channel. The series contains over 3 ½ hours of college-essay-related content specifically aimed at demystifying the college essay writing process for applicants. A concise and easily accessible reflection of our in-person essay advising practices, Academy addresses everything from what admissions officers are really looking for and how to find a magic essay topic to narrative construction and editing tips. We even have worksheets that coincide with each episode to guide students through the essay writing process as they watch.

Our hope is that offering this series will ease some of the stress created by the uncertainty related to current educational challenges:

Students: Make up for lost time related to school closures and standardized testing postponements and get a head start on the college essay-writing process. (The Common App prompt for 2020-21 have already been confirmed!)

Parents: Familiarize yourself with the admissions and essay-writing process so you can better guide your children through decision-making.

Educators: Use our series to help in the labor-intensive challenge of transitioning to e-learning and help students get ahead of the inevitable college application-related workload. (Also, please know we think you are heroes and appreciate all of your hard work during these trying times.)

As always, we are here to support students’ college essay needs in any way we can. Our Advisors are available for remote consultations starting asap. I will also be releasing a series of videos related to maximizing productivity while schooling from home, whether or not to write about the current crisis in personal statements, and other topics that we know are on the minds of students, parents and educators. Subscribe to the CEA YouTube channel to be alerted about new videos as we post. We’d also love to hear from you regarding your needs and concerns during this time of adaptation and will do the best we can to create content that addresses your questions in the weeks to come.

More than anything, we hope you all remain safe and healthy during this unpredictable time. Stay at home, call your loved ones, and don’t be too hard on yourselves in you eat a few extra comfort cookies. (I’ve made roughly a dozen batches of Tollhouse cookies already.) Together we can get through this and ensure the education we all value remains strong in the face of these challenges.

Much love to you all,


Stacey Brook

Founder and Chief Advisor

College Essay Advisors

About Stacey Brook

Stacey Brook is an accomplished writer and admissions expert who has spent the last decade helping students conceptualize, edit and refine their college essays.

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