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2023 Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2027

Each year, we gather the acceptance rates and admissions statistics for top schools across the country.

We have compiled the most important data in one place for your convenience.

If you’d like to visit the archives to see how admissions rates have changed over the years, you can explore here:




Otherwise, feast your eyes on the most up to date admissions statistics for the Ivy Leagues and other prestigious institutions:

College/UniversityOverall Acceptance RateEarly Decision/Early Action Acceptance Rate
Amherst College9%Declined to publish
Barnard College6.5%29%
Boston College15%28%
Boston UniversityDeclined to publishDeclined to publish
Bowdoin College8%Declined to publish
Brown University5.1%13%
Colby College6%Declined to publish
Columbia University3.9%Declined to publish
Cornell6.9%Declined to publish
Duke University6%16.5%
Emory University16.2%37.4%
Georgetown13%Declined to publish
Georgia Tech16%40% for EA I (in-state applicants)
10% for EA II (out-of-state and international applicants)
Johns Hopkins6%19.7%
New York University (NYU)8%Declined to publish
PomonaDeclined to publish, likely around 7%Declined to publish
Princeton UniversityDeclined to publishDeclined to publish
Swarthmore7%Declined to publish
Tufts10%Declined to publish
Tulane13%Declined to publish
University of Notre Dame12%15%
University of PennsylvaniaDeclined to publishDeclined to publish
University of Southern California (USC)10%6%
University of Virginia (UVA)Overall: 16.3%
RD In-State: 13%
RD Out-of-State: 8%
16.6% EA
24% ED
Vanderbilt4.2%Declined to publish
Wellesley College13%Declined to publish
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