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Your Guide to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About College Essays

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There is a ton of information that High School juniors and seniors have to absorb as they begin their college admissions journey. Understandably, many students (and parents!) have a lot of questions. We are in the business of alleviating the stress and pressure long associated with the college application process, so we’ve decided to compile a list so you can find all your answers in once place:  

  1. Does the college essay even matter?
  2. What are admissions officers looking for in an application?
  3. Can I write about sports?
  4. When should I start my college essay?
  5. What’s the difference between Early Action and Early Decision?
  6. When are important Regular Decision deadlines?
  7. When are important Early Action and Early Decision deadlines?
  8. When can I expect to hear back from schools I applied Regular Decision to?
  9. When can I expect to hear back from schools I applied ED or EA to?
  10. What is an Additional Information essay?
  11. Should I make an outline before starting my essay?
  12. How should I write an essay about my community?
  13. Does my dream school require supplemental essays?
  14. Which activity should I write about in this supplemental essay?
  15. How do I answer this super quirky supplemental essay?
  16. How do I write an essay about why I want to go there?
  17. Where can I find supplemental essays?
  18. How should I write my transfer application essay?
  19. What do I do if I’m waitlisted?
  20. Which Common Application prompt should I choose?
  21. Which Coalition Application prompt should I choose?
  22. How should I write my Common Application essay?
  23. How should I brainstorm for my personal statement?
  24. When is the best time to write my essay?
  25. Should I use dialogue in my essay?
  26. What if I get writer’s block?
  27. How do I know if I’m done with my essay?
  28. Are there grammar mistakes I should look out for?
  29. How do I tell a unique story to admissions?
  30. How should I manage my time?
  31. Can I read college essay examples?     

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