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The Secret to Your College Essay Success is in the Stars!

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p-planets college essayThe Common Application went live earlier this month, so you already know the task it is going to ask of you: use 650 words to describe yourself and make the various college admissions officers fall head-over-heels, rom-com style in love with you and your delightful youness.  YIKES!  What’re you gonna do?  What’re you gonna do??  WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO??  Should you relentlessly ask your magic eight ball for advice, and sometimes ask the same question multiple different ways hoping that will change the totally random answer you get?  Should you sacrifice tributes of stress, tears, and panic to the gods of college admissions?  No.  Don’t do any of those things.  However, a peek at your horoscope might be just the thing!

Talking about yourself can be a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.  What do you say?  Do you even know HOW to talk about yourself for 650 words?  If you’re drawing a blank on ways to describe yourself, look to the stars…seriously.  Whether you subscribe to astrology or not, horoscopes almost always give a list of positive and negative adjectives to describe the sign (eg. Leo, Virgo, Gemini, etc.) and then a description of how that sign behaves in certain situations.  Read through it briefly, laugh about its startling accuracies (or inaccuracies, as the case may be), and take note of the helpful things.  “Ambitious, loyal, confident, and generous?  Why yes, I AM all of those things and as a matter of fact, if I wasn’t so ambitious that one time I never would have gotten that award!” And just like that, you have rediscovered a gem of a story to write about!

Give it a go and check out your horoscope here, here, or here!


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