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How to Optimize College Essay Brainstorming Sessions

Topic: Admissions, advice, Brainstorming, College Admissions, Essay Tips, Essay Writing, Productivity, Quick Tips, Tips, Uncategorized  |  Posted on July 18th, 2017  |  Written by Becca Myers

A ton of behind-the-scenes work goes into crafting a great college admissions essay, and it all begins with the brainstorm. While brainstorming was originally coined in the late 1800’s to signify “a severe mental disturbance,” today it refers to the low-pressure, rapid-fire process of generating ideas without self-censure. Here are four tips to get your creative […]

The Hidden College Essays No One Counts On

Topic: Essay Tips, Supplemental Essays  |  Posted on November 3rd, 2016  |  Written by CEA HQ

October is over, early deadlines have passed, but terror still lurks around every corner. Boo! Surprise! You’re not done with your college applications yet. You’ve passed a major hurdle, and you should be proud, but the bulk of your applications have yet to be submitted. You’ve got two months left to power through the rest […]