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Facts about MIT, Princeton University, and USC

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college visits mapWe’ve updated our handy dandy supplemental essay guide with prompt breakdowns for MIT, Princeton University, and USC. But before you familiarize yourself with our prompt breakdowns, you should get a little more acquainted with the schools you’re considering dedicating your life to for the next four years!

After all, four years is equivalent to 20% of the life you’ve lived thus far. Here are some important facts for you to know:

Some enlightening MIT facts:

  • The top industries for graduates are computer software, engineering, consulting, and finance.
  • Top employers were Google, Oracle, Amazon, McKinsey Accenture, Apple, Boeing, and Microsoft.
  • MIT’s 33 varsity sports teams make it the largest Division III program in the nation.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus consists of 168 acres along and across the Charles River from Boston.
  • MIT’s motto is Mens et Manus, which means Mind and Hand.
  • MIT’s mascot is the beaver, nature’s engineer.
  • MIT was founded on April 10, 1861, two days before the start of the Civil War.
  • MIT’s official colors are Cardinal Red and Silver Gray.

Some fun Princeton University facts:

  • 98% of undergraduate students live on campus.
  • There are over 400 international internship opportunities.
  • Princeton University sits on 500 acres of land.
  • 2 Alumni members have served as President of the United States
  • Princeton is roughly 50 miles from New York City, about an hour and ten minutes via car.
  • Athletes have won 204 national championships.
  • Princeton University has 42 doctoral programs and departments.
  • The Ivy League boasts an impressive 5:1 student to faculty ratio.

Some awesome USC facts:

  • Las year, 16.6% of 54,282 freshman applicants were admitted.
  • The University of Southern California began educating students when Los Angeles still lacked paved streets, electric lights, and telephones.
  • USC has programs and centers in Orange County, Washington, D.C., Catalina Island, Sacramento, and Alhambra.
  • The average unweighted GPA for incoming freshman is 3.75.
  • 24.1% of undergraduates are International students.
  • More than half of USC alumni live in California.
  • Undergraduate tuition was $51,442  last year.
  • USC’s is home to the United States’ first filmmaking program, the Department of Cinema.
  • You can hear the Trojan Marching Band performing in Fleetwood Mac’s song, “Tusk,” which was recorded in 1979.
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