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Presenting College Essay Academy, Your Complete Video Guide to the Admissions Essay

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If you’ve ever spent any time wondering what we get up to over the summer before the Common App comes out, wonder no more! We are very excited to announce the release of our first ever complete video guide to the college admissions essay:

College Essay Academy is a process-driven, advice-filled, fully animated webseries that teaches the art of writing the college admissions essay, equipping students with the tools to tackle this assignment with the confidence of a caped superhero and the finesse of a professional keyboard-playing cat. This ten-chapter video series takes you through The Uncommon Essay Approach™, a step-by-step process for unearthing unconventional ideas, sculpting inventive narratives, and polishing the final draft of your college admissions essays to a high shine.

If this sounds good to you, (1) you are very smart and (2) now is a great time to get started! Chapters 1-6 just dropped today and chapters 7-10 will come out on August 1 (along with the Common Application). Tell your friends!

college admissions essay video guide

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