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FREE College Essay Help for Early Decision Applicants

Topic: Common App Prompts/Topics, Essay Tips, International Students  |  Posted on October 6th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

The most important events in life only happen once: turning 16, graduating high school, watching Lemonade for the first time, meeting the early decision application deadline… the list goes on. So we’ve decided to offer early decision applicants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to score some free (free!!) expert help before the deadline strikes. On Monday, October […]

What to do During the Last Three Months of College Application Season

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips  |  Posted on September 29th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

This is it. The final stretch. The final frontier. You’re just a few short months away from kissing your college applications goodbye forever. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s stressful. Whatever you’re feeling right now, dear applicants, it’s important to remember that, while the end is nigh, it isn’t here yet. So, if you’ve […]

The Trick to Avoiding Supplemental Essay Burnout

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips, Supplemental Essays  |  Posted on September 22nd, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

It’s mid-September and the school year is fully underway. You’ve been working steadily on your college applications, powering through the personal statement and filling in your Common App and Coalition profiles. Things are going well, but you’re starting to feel this flickering sense of blah-ness. Or maybe you haven’t started yet, and you’re watching essays […]

The Power of Using Small Details in Your College Essay

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips  |  Posted on September 15th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

When someone says, “I love you,” how can you tell if it’s true? It’s possible that no one actually knows the answer to this question, but if you were to take a stab at it, what would you say. Do those three words say it all? Or do you need more? A long day spent […]

Your Back to School Application Checklist

Topic: College Admissions  |  Posted on September 8th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

So this is it. Senior year has arrived, and now you are officially staring at the business end of what feels like it could be the most important year of your life. So much is going to happen this year – and you have so much to do! It suddenly seems like lists are popping […]

Get Started on Your College Applications Over Labor Day 2016

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips  |  Posted on September 1st, 2016  |  Written by Thea Hogarth

The sun is setting on your summer and senior year is about to begin. Labor Day 2016 is your last chance for one last hurrah. Your memories of summer camp, summer jobs, and summer travel already feel like distant memories as you make your plans for one last trip to the beach. But before your […]

Time Management: The Essay Writing/Life Balance

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips  |  Posted on August 25th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

Okay, so it’s senior year and you have approximately one billion things on your plate. Not only do you have school at least six hours a day, but you also have all of your after school activities, sports, homework…maybe even a part-time job. With everything going on in your life, how are you supposed to […]

Stanford University 2016-17 Essay Prompts and Advice

Topic: College Admissions, College Spotlight, Supplemental Essays  |  Posted on August 23rd, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

Stanford University is consistently ranked as one of the hardest schools to gain acceptance to in the United States, but that doesn’t seem to stop students from applying in hordes every year. In this ridiculously competitive environment, distinguishing yourself from other applicants is tough, which is why Stanford’s sprawling supplement is your ally, not your […]

6 Thoughts You’ll Have While Writing Your College Essay

Topic: College Admissions, Essay Tips  |  Posted on August 18th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

Applying to college. To say the least, it’s a daunting task. You want to get out of your house and onto a college campus, though, so you’re approaching the task head-on. You’ve done your research and taken your visits. You’ve selected your top 5-10 schools, ranging from your dream school to your dream safety school […]

Duke University 2016 Essay Prompt Advice and Profile

Topic: College Admissions, College Spotlight, Supplemental Essays  |  Posted on August 16th, 2016  |  Written by Rebecca Semenetz

This might be the only time in your life your mom will be proud of you for aspiring to become an a devil. Duke University is a private institution nestled in Durham, North Carolina. Offering over 100 academic programs, state-of-the-art research facilities, and a global education program that allows students to study domestically or internationally through 50 Duke […]