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What Our Clients Say

“I wanted to share the great news that [my son] was accepted to Vanderbilt!  I want to thank you so much, I really believe that your fantastic essays played a huge part in this.”

–  Father of CEA Student, Vanderbilt Class of 2017

“The Admissions Committee at the University of Pittsburgh carefully reviews thousands of essays each year. Your essay about your life experiences moved us in a way that most essays do not.  We appreciate your expression and ability to share your experiences with us.”

–  Email from U of Pittsburgh Admissions Coordinator to CEA Student, Tulane Class of 2017

“Wanted to let you know I got accepted to Boston College!! Thank you again for all your help- I know it made a huge difference in my application.”

– CEA Student, Boston College Class of 2017

“Stacey, we wanted to let you know that our daughter got into Columbia!!!! Thanks again for all your help.”

– Mother of Student, Columbia, Class of 2013

“My son’s final list of acceptances: MIT, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, U of Virginia, Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and U of Michigan. We can’t thank you enough. He couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll contact you in the future regarding my daughter!”

– Mother of CEA Student, MIT, Class of 2012

“My son’s guidance counselor said that both Lehigh and University of Rochester said they have not read a more honest and sincere application in many many years. They chose my son above students who had higher ACT and higher GPAs. Kudos to you.”

– Mother of CEA Student, Tulane, Class of 2020

“I GOT IN!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for all your patient help and work with me. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

–  CEA Student, Yale, Class of 2020