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The Early Action and Early Decision Acceptance Rates for the Class of 2028

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To absolutely no one’s surprise, this was a very competitive year for college applications. With each passing year more applicants pen Early Action and Early Decision love letters to their dream schools. In response, top schools have carried on with their tradition of accepting a very small percentage of these eager applicant pools (but still more than the Regular Decision pool). This year’s influx of Early Action and Early Decision applications has pushed acceptance rates down to some of the lowest numbers we’ve seen, and we expect the trend to continue.

It’s worth noting that several institutions no longer release their acceptance rates. We will use “N/A” to identify such schools.

As schools announce their acceptance rates, we will update this list, so make sure to check back!  

Here are the EA and ED acceptance rates for some of the country’s most competitive schools in 2023:

If you didn’t receive the news you were hoping for this month, remember that you are in the majority! College admissions is incredibly competitive in the U.S. and getting a rejection or deferral does not mean that you still can’t secure admission to a school that is a great fit for you. Just follow our advice and keep calm. As Dorothy once sang in Wizard of Oz, “Somewhere over the rainbow/ Way up high/ There’s a college that I heard of/ Once in a catalogue.” (There’s a chance we’re remembering part of that wrong.)

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