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How to Stay Productive “On Turkey”

Ivy Divider

thanksgiving productivityWe love Thanksgiving because, let’s face it, it’s all about food — mouthwatering heaping mounds of mashed potatoes, turkey, and corn. However, Thanksgiving is about more than going into a food coma, it’s also about giving thanks. This year, among many things, you should be thankful for the gift of extra time to finish up your college essay! Most major deadlines fall on or around January 1st, so this task is more urgent than ever. If you haven’t started your essay yet, THIS is the time to do it! Right now you’re thinking: But, College Essay Advisors, this is my break! We know, we know. However, once you get back to school, you’re going to be faced with the stress of midterm exams, homework, and extracurriculars.  And there is a way to craft a perfect admissions essay and still enjoy every bite of Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s how to stay focused and productive between watching Football and shoveling down cranberry sauce.

Don’t be “bored”.

While on break, you may have a little bit too much time for binge-watching reruns of The Office. So much, in fact, that you may get bored of watching TV (I know, it sounds crazy). Anytime you hear yourself say (or even think) I’m bored, use it as an opportunity to change the pace and get on your computer to work on your essay. Even if you used the stagnant time to do some research about colleges, anything that supports your application process is a plus!

Set goals.

You know how you love the competition between your favorite football team and your dad’s? Well, how about a competition between yourself and time? Set a goal to finish a certain amount of your essay every day within a given time period. Only have thirty minutes? See if you can finish one paragraph. All of the time will add up to get you closer and closer to you final goal of securing a spot at the college of your dreams.

Use family stories.

What a great way to think of the perfect topic for your essay (or one of your supplements)! While you’re sitting around the dinner table, ask your grandparents, aunts, and uncles questions. Ask them about yourself when you were growing up. Ask them for interesting family stories. Write things down if you need to! You may find the perfect topic through the people who matter most to you. On top of that, you will get to hear some pretty great (and probably hilarious) stories that may go back several generations.


Do you know it’s actually scientifically proven that smiling can make you feel happier? There’s a lot of pressure on you right now to write an amazing essay and get into a good college. To say the least, it’s hard. You may feel yourself omitting negative emotions. So, during this high-stress time, force a few smiles and you may see it starting to affect your mood :-).

Make a playlist.

Who better than Sia and Justin Bieber to motivate you through the essay process? Dancing along to your favorite tracks could help you soar right through your personal statement. So, blast your iPod (kids still have those right?) and write to the beat of your favorite songs!

We hope you’re as thankful for these tips as we are for all the food we’re going to consume in a few days!

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