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Melanie Ashkar

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Melanie Ashkar is a freelance editor and opera singer from the Washington, DC area who received her BA in music and linguistics from the University of Virginia (Phi Beta Kappa). A lifelong lover of words, Melanie is a creative writer whose curiosity about language led her to earn a Master of Science degree in linguistics from Georgetown University, specializing in syntax. She went on to complete a Master of Music degree in vocal performance from Mannes College, The New School for Music, and continues to sing professionally.

A natural explorer, Melanie has lived across the U.S. from New York City, NY to Salt Lake City, UT, and has visited 38 states and four continents. Her keen editorial eye emerged as early as her elementary school years, when she began editing newspapers, essays, resumes, and more. She has worked for five years as an academic editor, and is passionate about helping writers find the best words to convey their ideas while maintaining their unique voice and style.

Melanie’s college essay was about a choir trip to Brazil and her profound experience of the power of music to connect people across cultures.

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