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Megan Grandmont-Melendy

Ivy Divider

Megan Grandmont-Melendy is a high school English teacher whose passion for writing was ignited as a teen by the world of Harry Potter fan fiction (she’s a Ravenclaw). She graduated summa cum laude from Boston College with a BA in English. After spending several years working in animal welfare, she went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, earning her Master’s in both English and Teaching from Salem State University. While in grad school, she studied a variety of writing pedagogies, as well as researched the needs of graduate student writers and designed programs to meet those needs. Today she teaches English at a public high school in Massachusetts, where she delights in coaching students to grow in confidence and skill as readers and writers.

Megan’s college essay was about how encountering homophobic language in high school awakened her to the power of language in the real world.

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