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Our Home State Creates Tuition-Free Program

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New York has passed a program to make all public schools and universities tuition-free for full-time students, and we could not be more proud as pavement-pounding, hot-dog-eating residents of Manhattan. Students who attend school full time and are on track to graduate between two and four years can take advantage of this new program. Many say that New York is leading the way for other states in the beginning of what will be a national adjustment to the college finance model. Although the program isn’t perfect, ignoring students who go to school part-time and work full-time, it’s a fundamental step in the direction of affordable education.

The promise students make in accepting this scholarship is that they will live and work in New York for the number of years equivalent to that of their scholarship-funded education.  In other words, a student who is granted free tuition for four years would have to work in New York for four years after graduation. Being that New York, specifically New York City, is considered a hub for commerce, art and many other industries worldwide, we don’t think this is much of a problem for most students. We are also biased and want smart, awesome people to join us on our lunch breaks in the Flatiron District. (Shake Shack, anyone?)

It is estimated that approximately 85,000 students in New York would qualify for this program and reap the associated benefits.

So you better get those fingers typing, you have tuition-free schools to apply to! (And future lunches to eat with CEA, obvs.)

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