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How To Manage All of Your Last-Minute College Essays

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Tis the season to open your calendar and transform into Ralphie during this pivotal moment of A Christmas Story:

last-minute college essays?! oh fudge.

We’re about to hit the last week of December and many deadlines are only days away. If you still have supplemental essays left to write, before you let yourself become too overwhelmed by guilt, stress, and the sinking fear that you simply won’t finish, take a deep breath or a sip of water (or a mouthful of Lifebuoy soap). You still have time and you can do this. We bet you could even change a tire in 2 minutes flat if you really wanted to. (Enough with the Christmas Story references, already? Okay.) Stay on track and keep your head clear with these simple tips for eleventh-hour essay writing:

  • Don’t beat yourself up. We started saying this above, but it bears repeating. Pity parties take a lot of time and energy – time and energy you could be spending writing. The more you guilt trip yourself, the harder it will be for you to write with a clear head. It doesn’t matter how you ended up in this situation. What matters is how you will use the remaining time.
  • Disconnect to reconnect. Sometimes the internet is your friend. In the college essay-writing process, it can help you discover schools and majors you never would have thought of, but it can also be a huge source of distraction. We know, it can be comforting to complain to your BFF about the 873,129,837 essays you still have left to write, but taking some time away from the social mediaz is exactly what you need to do. Tune into your own thoughts and feelings and channel them onto the page. (Remember, no judgements allowed the first time you put pen to paper, or fingers to keys.)
  • Don’t forget to eat, sleep, and take care of yourself! Seriously, it’s easy to forget to do these things when you’re scrambling to write essay after essay and keep your head above water at school. Your brain will work better if you take care of its holder (you!).
  • Remember, it will all be over soon. You’re in the home stretch. As terrible as the next few days may seem, you’ll soon be on the other side. So buckle up, power through those last-minute essays in style, budget your time, and call us if you get stuck!
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