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4 Signs that Your Common App Personal Statement is Finally DONE

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signsWe here at College Essay Advisors believe that the college essay is the most important essay you will ever write. In fact, we’ve spent over a decade perfecting the process of crafting a compelling college essay. Therefore, we know exactly what signs to look for to know that your essay is the bomb (do people still refer to things as “the bomb”?). So, before you wipe up the blood, sweat, and tears, make sure that you recognize these 5 signs in your own essay.

1. It answers one of the prompts and is within the word limit.

I know what you’re saying… “duh”. Of course your essay has to answer one of the prompts and stay within the word limit. You’d be surprised at how often students will write awesome essays that just don’t answer the prompts. Yes, we’re always saying “the prompts don’t really matter,” but they kind of do a little bit.

2. You are the only person who could have written it.

Write an essay that’s uniquely you. If anyone else could put their name at the top of your essay and have it still make sense, it could probably still use some work. If your essay tells a story that is important to you and 100% reflects who you are and no one else, then you’re probably well on your way to hitting the “submit” button.

3. It’s honest.

Honesty is absolutely the best policy when it comes to writing your college essay. Make sure to be true to yourself and let admissions accept you for who you really are.

4. It leaves the reader wanting more.

Your goal is to leave a lasting impression with  admissions officers.. You want them to want to meet you. This can be accomplished through executing a deft conclusion, choosing the right topic, maintaining a personal tone and so much more.

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