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College Essay News and Tips: CEA’s Weekly Link Roundup

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CEA_book-reading college essayDo you ever get so fed up with the real world that you just want to leave the human race?  Get primal?  Go back to nature? Be a goat?  Or are you the Snow White type who befriends all creatures and even has them at your wedding?  Or maybe your personal call of the wild can be answered by watching this wallaby hug a teddy bear.  Well, even if you don’t ever get the urge to spontaneously run away into the forest, sometimes the real world could definitely use a little fun injection.  In this week’s link roundup we encourage you to let your hair down.

  • Yale, Cambridge, and Notre-Dame embrace the age of technology and incorporate video-chatting in to the application process!
  • We know that the absolute number one thing you are looking for on your intrepid quest to find the perfect college is the quality of education that you will be receiving; however, the college experience and having fun is just as important.  Here is 2015’s list of top party schools.
  • When you take a break from daydreaming about all the amazing things that college holds for you, take a minute to remember the admissions officers who are reading your essays.  If you’ve been keeping up with CEA’s info bytes, then you already know that they have a TON of work to do!  If not, check it out, it’s pretty intense!  So let’s give them a break.  In addition to submitting the best, most entrancing and well written college essay you possibly can, consider these 10 tips for writing for tired eyes.
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