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College Essay News and Tips: CEA’s Weekly Link Roundup

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CEA_Book+Tablet college essay newsAlright folks, the time has come.  It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the — wait a minute.  This isn’t the beginning of The Muppets, it’s another CEA weekly link round-up!  YAYYYYY!!!  This week we’re elaborating on the do’s and don’t’s of the college process for parents and students.

  • Students, we know you have a ton more free time in the summer than during the semester (obviously), and that you’re just ITCHING for those supplemental essay questions to come out, and that once they do it can be oh-so tempting to just bang out all your applications and send them in as early as possible.  However, while it is important to start thinking about your essays as early as possible, it’s equally important not to jump the gun on hitting that submit button. Take some time to smell the roses (or the coffee that’s probably on your desk next to your essays). Josh Stephens explains some of the advantages to waiting before embarking on your essay writing journey.
  • While you’re mulling over your brilliant college essays, here’s a handy checklist of other parts of the process you can work on this summer (and what’s coming up throughout the rest of the year!).
  • If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the essay writing prospect, no worries!  Elizabeth Benedict’s got your back with 10 tips on how to stay sane during this process.  Don’t worry, you’re going to be OKAY! (We promise).
  • Parents, we didn’t forget about you.  We know you love your kids, and they love you back.  To help keep the pressure off them during this incredibly stressful time, here are 5 questions and statements to avoid once your child gets in to college.

by Lydia Hogarth

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