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College Essay Checkups 2017

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We all need a little TLC sometimes, even our essays. If you’re anything like me, after you stare at your essay for too long, it all but turns into hieroglyphics. It is no longer beautifully crafted sentences diving into overarching themes and humorous anecdotes. It is words on a page and you’re sick and tired of staring at it, waiting for it to tell you what you need to do to make it perfect.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can save and close. College Essay Advisors is coming to the rescue with an expert pair of fresh eyes to tell you how, where, and why to add, subtract, and tweak parts of your essay!

Call or email us today to find out more about pricing and book a spot in our schedule for a College Essay Checkup!

The College Essay Checkup includes:

  • An expert’s opinion and advice on the content, structure, and grammar in your essay.
  • A follow-up review to ensure your corrections were on point.
  • A virtual ice cream cone for all of your hard work! 







Think you need more than just a checkup? Think your essay has come down with something more serious? Don’t worry! We have a full staff of essay doctors on standby waiting to revive your essays. Whether you need help from the beginning of the process (brainstorming can be a challenge, we know) or turning your golden idea into a workable outline – we can help.

“But, Doctor, my essay is fine! It’s my resume that needs surgery!” We can help with that too! We have scalpels, gauze, and tweezers (okay, maybe I’ve played Operation one too many times), but we really can point you in the right direction. If your resume isn’t giving admissions a clear idea of your leadership skills, it’s not ready to submit.

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