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College Essay Advisors: Why Hiring an Advisor Is Worth It Every Time

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The college application process is incredibly intimidating—between knowing where to apply, when to apply, which tests to take, whether to submit scores, and how to write memorable essays worthy of admission.

Many parents and students wonder whether hiring a College Essay Advisor is worth it, and we’re here to tell you it definitely is. College is an investment in your child’s cultural, educational, and professional future. It requires funds, time, and brain space—and helping them to gain admissions to one of their top-choice schools is half the battle. 

Here are the top four reasons why you should hire a College Essay Advisor:

1) Understand the Task at Hand

The first step toward creating successful college admissions essays worthy of acceptance is understanding what exactly admissions is asking for. When you work with a College Essay Advisor, you have an expert by your side who will break down the prompts for you, helping you to read between the lines and hone in on what admissions is really looking for in a response. They will  guide you through the essential information to include and, perhaps more importantly, what can be excluded. Part of the challenge of admissions essays is figuring out how to distill a massive amount of information into a very limited space, all the while representing the applicant in a real and authentic way. We can help with that.

2) Use Your Time Wisely

Even if you understand the assignment at hand, writing can still be an incredibly time-consuming venture. Indecision, conflicting ideas, and opinions of nonspecialists can elongate the timeline (and that’s before you take refining, editing, and polishing into account!). In an ideal world, you want these essays to be finished as early as possible, so you have the space to consider different angles and submit your applications ahead of schedule (this is particularly important if you’re applying to any schools with rolling admissions). Working with a College Essay Advisor ensures that you will have someone not only holding your teen accountable for meeting deadlines, but also helping you to avoid wasting time and energy on a topic that doesn’t ultimately have potential. 

Bonus: We can help keep the peace between parents and students as an unbiased third party throughout this stressful process!

3) Execute in a Way that Resonates with Admissions

We’ve been advising applicants long enough (20+ years!) to implicitly understand what admissions is looking for, which means we can help our clients produce effective essays that stand out in the minds of admissions officers. We’ve read thousands upon thousands of essays, so we know what’s been done before (and overdone). We also understand the breadth and depth of possibilities when it comes to expressing yourself in an admissions essay format. A great College Essay Advisor can help applicants to tap into their inner worlds and articulate their stories in ways that are fresh, distinctive, and memorable.

4) Improve Your Writing Skills Before College

The best College Essay Advisors teach skills that are applicable well beyond admissions writing assignments. Because our clients are working one-on-one with an experienced writing coach, they take away skills that are immediately applicable in a college environment. Knowing how to brainstorm new ideas, generate a story with momentum, communicate effectively, and polish grammar and punctuation are all skills that will pay off during their higher education and in the workforce post-graduation. 

For teenagers, there is perhaps no more important task than applying to college, which is why it’s important for applicants to submit distinct admissions essays that resonate with admissions while preserving their time (and sanity!). Here at College Essay Advisors, we can help facilitate just that.

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