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An Emoji Guide to the Common Application Essay Prompts

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With just weeks until the official release of the Common Application, we know you’ve already probably taken a peek at the 2015 essay prompts. In fact, you’ve probably had them open in a tab on your browser since they came out, cringing in fear every time your cursor approaches the top left corner of your screen and hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe, keeping the page open all this time will somehow infuse your brain with just the idea you need. Maybe the stress or confusion has put such a scramble on your brain that you can only speak in song lyrics and text in emojis. Maybe your whole world just looks like this:

common application essay sad face

Okay, breathe. It’s normal to feel stuck on the Common Application essay. When have you ever written anything like this before? Well, lucky for you, we made a guide to the Common Application essay prompts for your emoji-addled brain. Read it on BuzzFeed.


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