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CEA Alumni Spotlight: Former Student Featured in New York Magazine

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p-cameraThe students we work with have given us a lot to be proud of over the years. Many of the young men and women we counsel move on from writing glorious college admissions essays to attending some of the nation’s top schools. There, they often build impressive rosters of achievements, joining committees, engaging in research, and constructing paths of experience and learning that will lead them to future careers of import and intrigue. And, so now it seems, every once in a blue moon one of those truly talented former students appears in the middle of a photo spread in New York Magazine.

Max McGee worked with College Essay Advisors almost three years ago, and was one of our most driven and talented students. He has since spent his time at The George Washington University, immersing himself in the world of politics and diplomacy. He has also put in the effort to secure himself impressive internships at organizations like The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and opportunities to pose on the steps of various monuments while looking incredibly dashing.


In the full-page spread entitled, Tribes: Washington Interns, ten college students discuss their summer jobs in our Nation’s capital and their ambitions for the future. Max is among the young stars featured in this piece, discussing his long work days and the vibe of Washington after hours with composure and finesse. We expected nothing less from Max, and his go-getter attitude. We wish him the best of luck this summer, and will forever be inspired by his incredible intellect and enthusiasm for his work. Congratulations, Max. Not only are you one of our most ambitious and accomplished alumni, but you’re now also our Washington fashion icon.

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