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5 Signs You’re Making Better College Application Progress Than You Think

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constellationThe excitement of early applications has fully worn off and the regular decision slog is on. You are working your way through a seemingly infinite list of essays, but hold on, it looks like time is racing, hurtling you toward those final deadlines. WHO CREATED THIS PARADOX? In the face of the anxiety and burnout that can arise during this phase of the application process, we at CEA want you to take a step back, inhale deeply, and give yourself a break. Chances are, you’re doing way better than you think. So check yourself for these signs and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve got this, little buckeroo.

1. You’ve gathered all of your supplemental essay prompts.


Even if you haven’t actually started writing yet, just having an organized list of all of your supplements is a great first step. Rather than diving head first into the unknown, take a moment to gather the assignments that lie ahead and group them strategically.

2. You have a good reason for applying to each school on your list.


The best way to write a “why” essay is to have a “because.” You’ll do your best work when you don’t have to force your answer. It’s as simple as that!

3. You’re still feeling motivated to work.


Even a small spark of excitement can keep you going, whether it’s the dream you have of throwing a frisbee on some grassy quad or the mere thought that soon all of this writing will be behind you.

4. You’re eating, drinking, and sleeping enough.


Don’t neglect your own needs! The college admissions process is challenging enough. Don’t force yourself to survive on a diet of Doritos alone. Caring for your body is the best way to fuel your mind, so pay attention. When you start to feel fatigued, hungry or thirsty, make sure you take a break (or a nap).

5. You’re asking for help when you need it.


Sometimes the greatest challenge of all is knowing when to ask for help. Seeking a second opinion is not the same as giving up or failing. In fact, we think it’s incredibly valuable to see how your essay comes across to other people. So, whether you want to ask mom or dad to verify a few facts or work with an advisor to polish the final draft, just know that you have a whole team of people on your side who believe in you. Go get em, tiger.

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